We understand it.

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It may be, but it's it's over here.

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I am out here. That's the. We don't wanna move.

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We can only hope I live I was put on like you got Shrdveport. Like That was good. Don't be ashamed ain't nobody judging you. He's on the wrong idea will be on your way You're on the right side. It's not how we win. Thank you. I have my news reporter out here, but it's on there so I had to run down and shoot down.

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You got a real man. Men and women out here I. In and out So Robert Builder back here buddy.

I just wanted to put that out to you. It is about Liberty with a group of the. I'm You cannot. The issues that you have.

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Yeah I want and a-bomb to come in unity with me at the I'm very. I don't know we're gonna play. Hey, hey.

I love you over here. This morning education for tax breaks. I need.

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He's wrong. We don't go to city.

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Please be a water in here. Do you understand me cuz I was here.

What is your motherfucking? They don't know what to do. You have to understand that she hurt her had those sheet.

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No if I was everybody. There's a right.

And I'm going. Just to get everybody's attention, we get everybody's attention.

Come on man. You ain't doing nothing get off the couch.

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New goal Run it up. I better see. Hey don't get the.

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I'm starting at What Y'all talking about? One of these girls over here are gonna be no peace, No peace bro. Come on man, Yes, sir in step with that attitude. Don't get distract you you can talk your shit right after this announcement, please give you freedom to your. I need no Justice Okay, Tonigh Justice. They don't even have you know our history.

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I'm the real quick. I'll bring me a water.

We're taking the jail. Gotta stay away and make no this is a fucking right now. I get enough attention. It's not new.