I like to start off by saying that I am the goffiest person i know thats not a word lol in the whole world. I love to laugh and have fun.

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In my experience, if I go into a club alone, I'm going Mine leave alone. I am absolutely friendly this should go without having to be said. I like to start off by saying that I am the goffiest person i know thats not a word lol in the whole world. My astrological is Taurus.

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I love people, I love talkingand I love being introduced to new things. I'm okay if you are male, female, third gender, queer that is, gender queer, bigender, or no gender at all. I try to make my class as fun as possible. Bnagor would go in depth about myself and spew a great many details, but I fear this ad is already becoming to long. I like to get dressed in my sexy Bxngor and have a drink or go to the movies. I have lived in several states, and I went to college in Kentucky, and I love to keep it moving.

I truly need someone to hang out with, to spend my time and my days with. So, I encourage you to contact me without fear of discrimination of your gender. However, as I write this, this has toight warning up top telling me not to post URLs in personal.

Evidently being inclusive is a bad thing in -Land. I would just outright ignore it but then I have little doubt that the belligerent prefects of who spend their hours flagging and posts with a jubilant smile on their face would my ad into oblivion. In short, I am looking for a special someone who will hang out with me, go clubbing with me and befriend me. I didn't have any success whatsoever posting this the first time and I am thinking it might be due to the fact that I didn't use gender exclusive tags.

I love to laugh and have fun.

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I want someone who will go clubbing with me, shopping with me, etc. I am always on a plane, it could be because I move around so much.

Lonely women seeking sex tonight Bangor Maine

I don't sewking that to be the case any-more. So this time around, I used the 'male for female' tag even though I am not heterosexual.

Please include a of yourself or send me sseking URL if you would like me to add you on there, extend the same courtesy that I have by posting pictures of myself here. I am twenty-six years of age. Problem is, without using specific and exlcusive tags I tonigut no responses. There's nothing strict about it and I would never definitively close myself off from falling in love, come what may.

I was not approached and it was awkward beyond what I can bear and so I left.

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I am also a huge traveler. I like to watch football; I think its the best qomen ever! A little tiny bit about me; I am pansexual also, less commonly ed 'omnisexual' and as I believe love is gender-blind, this kind of perception and lifestyle extends to all things and all domains in my life and I am not a gender binary person.

As far Makne hobbies go, i love to go out. As an 8th grade math teacher, I have to be very serious when I am teaching linear expressions and such lol.

This is not a strictly platonic ad, fuck that. If you want to know more, simply respond to this.

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Yea, and I pay for it on my own so no worries there lol. I originally planned on just Maie if you want to know more about me or wish to respond to this add, go to my URL and contact and add me if you wish. A few nights ago I went to the Docks, a night club nearby the baseball stadium in down-town Cincinnati that hosts the weekly Darkotica event.

I am kind of dynamic and I tend to feed off of other people's energies. However I am writing this in order to make friends. I need and want friends, that's where I'm at.